Friday, January 11, 2013

Enough is enough

In the spirit of "new year new you" and resolutions and all that I have taken on a monumental task and am cleaning my flat.

As a hoarder this involves a lot more than merely tidying and washing things. It involves confronting demons, the past; it involves a lot of feeling most people don't ascribe to mere objects.

It's not easy being borderline looney-tunes.

This desire to un-hoard hasn't come out of nowhere. I was deeply inspired by the author Bella Andre who was a feng shui consultant long before she became a gazillion-selling writer. She gave me a read of my space and suggested the adjustments necessary which brought me face to face with things like "the junk drawer" and the scary corner where all the stuff is piled up.

This is what I discovered.

I had about five pounds, that is 5lbs, that is 2 kilograms or more of red lipstick. That's just red. At about $30 a tube, that pile of crap respresents a sizeable investment -- the equivalent I'd say of a very beautiful, and necessary, sofa which I think or thought I couldn't afford. Ha. I can afford anything so long as I stop buying red lipstick. And that's just red. I have equal investments in pink, hot pink and neutrals.

Hair products? I should open a store. I have enough product to treat every single hair on my head with something different. Clothing? Five groaning closets even after several large garbage bags were shipped to the landfill.

I have much of a muchness.

Just as I was becoming increasingly ill at the plenty with which I am surrounded, I saw an FB post from a friend who had a similar fit of cleaning and a similar sickness to her stomach at all she had accumulated for no good reason. She suggested a year without spending. Necessities -- food, shampoo (in moderation, only as much as necessary), toilet paper, are ok but no spending on the fun stuff like clothes or red lipstick.

That she is considering this was pretty big news among FB friends -- she's a stylist and fashionista such that I feel compelled to take full inventory plus sources of everything she's wearing every time I see her. She's fabulous and in the decades I've known her I can honestly say I've never seen the same thing twice no matter how fantastic it was.

We are shoppers. And we both think we need to cut back. As with AA and its view that every addict needs a sponsor, we're going to try this together. We're thinking of creating a blog to express the joys and frustrations of not shopping.

Because sometimes enough is enough. Maybe that's the name of the blog.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Love your column. I live in a rural community in Ontario so for me to shop I need to plan ahead and make a trip into the city. I have managed to cull my closet since moving from Toronto and it's amazing the things I found I don't need anymore. I don't need lots of large purses because being in a rural area well, there's no need for coffee cards or customer cards from any retailer and I don't need to carry much money with me since I hardly shop now.

Anonymous said...

Love your column. Read it on a day I've doing a big clean up. A few months ago I went through my H&B products and stationery supplies: made "do not buy lists": lipstick, hair products, pens, post it notes etc. Have you been reading about minimalism? Another tip is to borrow mags and DVDs from the library. Good luck.

MC said...
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Anonymous said...

A self-confessed baganista (LV, Marc Jacobs and Gucci) and shopaholic, your column just hit close to home. My closet is filled with clothes (half of them with tags) all from my favourite retailers like Holt Renfrew, Holt Renfrew Last Call and Anthropologie. I was a victim of buying clothes because they were on sale, lured by the "Additional 70% off last reduced price" signage and buying clothes without trying them on! I turned 46 a week ago and I decided to make a transoformation which is "to live more on less". Well, I just, with the help of my girlfriend, she helped me purge three closets down to 1 1/2! Now I have piles of clothes that are labelled "Share and Sell". My closet is now more functional, very well organized by season and colour blocked. Lesson learned - If you don't love it, use it, wear it, or have room for it, get rid of it! It's clutter.

Professional Doctorate by Bonnie Lopes said...

That is some serious hoarding. I think it is wonderful that you are taking back some control so that you can get your place back to being your place.

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