Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My bat Tub

When you tell people you have a bat in your bathroom, reactions vary but the range can be summed up by two endpoints: "ew" and "cool!"

Far more fall into the first category. I've heard "is it rabid?", "be careful, it's rabid", "don't let it bite you it's probably rabid"; "I hope it doesn't have babies" (yes, babies - I heard "rabies" the first time, too), "bats are vermin and carry disease" and "did you kill it? or "how did you get rid of it?".

The bat, which at a friend's suggestion I called Tub, actually resided between the screen and the barely opened window over the bathtub, not actually in the room itself. I thought for several days it was a leaf, or a leaf and stick arrangement of some sort, my eyes aren't so good these days and in fact I've often shouted at my dog for impolite behaviour only to later realize it was just a curled up dead leaf. So in the early going, Tub was just a dead leaf to me.

But then Tub was on the move, sort of stretching across the screen, showing off her amazing wings and thus came into being in my life.

My great friend who named her is an artist and artists see the world way differently than the rest of us do so her first impulse had nothing to do with my health and safety but rather "what does a bat mean? Let me find out, animals are spirits." Tub might carry a spirit, not rabies - a consoling thought.

Turns when a bat visits it is entirely good news. It has everything to do with rebirth, letting go of the past, chucking out habits that no longer serve a purpose. A bat, night creature and mysterious as it may be, is actually a harbinger of change, a move from darkness to light.

What a wonderful message, especially after two plus years of hard road and a recent really stony- straight up-steep-with-a-switchback bit. What better time to be visited by a sweet little brown bat?

I met another shaman too, right after Tub arrived, who also predicted positive change. I'm now off to Feng shui the place, and she was so right when she said "if you tell me the messiest places in your home I can tell you the biggest issue you're facing." She also suggested putting a plant in the bathroom to offset the water (some Feng shui principle, I don't know) and while there isn't enough light for a plant to survive, Tub stands in as a living thing offering positive energy.

Except Tub went out for dinner the other night and hasn't returned. I'm kind of bereft and in saying that I realize how bonkers that sounds. Still. I miss the little mouse-with-wings.

That said, she did good work while she was around. I hope wherever she is it's as cozy and friendly as the place she left.

Be well Tub, safe travels.


Kristin said...

i love bats! that is such a sweet story! let us know how your feng shui bedroom is the house pigsty (i wonder what that means?)

a ji o ji suno ji said...

So timely!! I am quitting my job and moving to Mexico too, and am first flying into Mexico City! Would love to meet you. I write This Way To Paradise. I have a few questions. How do you receive mail, pay taxes, and what do you do for health insurance. I would love to get some info about these sorts of things!! Thanks!!
Adorable german shepherd