Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American History

So, America has the chance to make history but which will it make? Will it allow a woman to be a contender for the presidency (an ambition every BOY could have, that's the American Dream) or a black man (make that every WHITE boy).

The platform for both seems to be "change", whatever that means under the circumstances, though Hillary Rodham rebirthed to Clinton is certainly of the past world. But so is Barack Obama, in that he is the spitting image of....Bill Clinton in a way, with his flashy charisma and great way with a word. And, for being just that bit black.

I am hoping for Hillary. That she is less flashy makes me think she is more about-the-business, and her tearful welling up when she thought she was out and for no good reason spoke to me of a kind of passion you don't often see in politics.

Slick Barack seems a bit slick.

For the first time, US politics, or any for that matter, is as interesting and as much fun as your average team sport. Bring it on.

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